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Why choose a used TEREKAS blow moulding machine instead of a cheap NEW blow moulder?

1. Our machinery is built using the highest quality components that meet EU standards.

2. Used TEREKAS machines often last more than 2 times longer to compare to new low-cost machines.

3. We use standard components that makes the spare parts easily accessible and inexpensive.

4. All our mechanical solutions are tested and reliable.

5. We offer a possibility to see our machines in actual production before purchasing it.

6. We offer good prices for used machines.

7. All our machines guarantee high and stable production quality.

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Please contact us for more information about our second-hand blow moulding machines.

Click for the video of our used equipment:

We have these second-hand blow moulding machines in stock at the moment:

Number of cavities Neck Mould Change Time Location Number of machines
4 TBD 10 min TEREKAS plant 2
3 TBD 30 min TEREKAS plant 2

We  supply spare parts and provide refurbishment service.

Visit our dedicated websites Universal Blow Moulders and a new extra flexible model dedicated for niche producers Flex Blow.