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Want something different?

Add value to your brand, explore full branding potential by having PET jars in your prefered shape. Years of experience built knowledge base that allow Terekas to offer custom design jars that does not cost a fortune.

Attractive & Cost-effective

Working hand in hand with customers, we seek the most attractive bottle design for the lowest cost. We have developed more than 500 mould formats. This experience enables us to offer fast and smooth new mould development projects.

Several advantages of having custom design PET jar:

  • Potential sales growth:
  • Greater shelf appeal
  • Product differentiation
  • Greater branding possibilities

Switch to PET jars and enjoy cost reduction:

  • Lighter containers
  • More efficient and safer filling process
  • Lower transportation costs
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Put your request for affordable custom design PET jar by filling an application form, we will get back to you within 24 hours.