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Terekas manufactures wide mouth PET jars with FlexBlow machines built in-house. That allows flexible and cost efficient PET jar production and supply to customers of variable sizes.

PET jars

We offer a wide range of PET jars from standard and custom preforms with the neck range 48-120 mm.

Terekas has developed 82 mm preforms for glass-like PET jar effect that is compatible with standard aluminum cap.

Switch to PET jars and enjoy cost reduction and all benefits of glass without the drawbacks:

  • Lighter containers
  • More efficient and safer filling process
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Durable containers
  • Clear finish
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Want something different?

Put your request for affordable custom design PET jar by filling an application form, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Add value to your brand, explore full branding potential by having PET jars in your prefered shape. Years of experience built knowledge base that allow Terekas to offer custom design jars that does not cost a fortune.

PET jars catalog

This product portfolio presents several examples of Terekas blown PET jars. To receive more detailed information, please fill in application form by clicking Here.


500 ml plastic jars


400 ml plastic jars