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Problem-free production

Producing directly in the customer’s premises, we optimize way PET bottle are supplied.

We prepare an installation plan, deliver machinery and send professional operators to run it. The customer runs its filling, while Terekas supplies bottles. This way each party focuses on its core activities: we produce bottles while the customer fills and sells them.

Thorough knowledge and experience in the field have made Terekas the largest provider of in-house production services in the Baltic states.

Individual solutions

In-line production

Blow moulders are connected directly to the filling line. The customer turns its filling line on and we supply PET bottles in-line.

Wall-to-wall production

We install our blow moulding and packing machine at the warehouse of our customer. Bottles are blown and palletized.

Satellite production

We install our machinery in the vicinity of the customer. We optimize the cost by using an automated production system and cutting the transportation cost greatly.

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Environment Impact

Producing PET containers in-house, we reduce carbon emissions and packing waste. Empty bottles do not need to be packed and transported any longer.

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