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From the idea to actual bottle samples

We will help you to come up with exclusive ideas for your unique PET container and produce a set of visualizations over night after the brainstorming session for you to choose your favorite design the next day. We will afterwards make the technical drawing that will be ready for the mould production in 48 hours.


Image above illustrates the process how creative design is realized: Idea -> Visualisations -> Technical Drawing -> Bottle Sample.

Attractive & Cost-effective

Working hand in hand with customers, we seek the most attractive bottle design for the lowest cost. We have developed more than 1000 individual design bottles and jars. This experience together with highly skilled designers and engineers team enables us to offer fast and smooth new mould development service.

Mobile Design Bureau

We know how busy you are. For that reason we have launched the Mobile Design Bureau. Give us a call and we will pay a visit to you the next day. After the meeting we will create a set of unique design visualizations for you over night. You will be able to pick your favorite design the next day and we will make technical drawings for you over the night so that you could have them ready within 48 hours after the call-out.

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