Blow Moulders

We make over 100 million PET bottles using our machines every year. This is an invaluable experience that sets us apart from competitors. The highest European quality standards and simplified construction solutions make FlexBlow series machines an indispensible part of every successful bottling business.

More Working Hours

Components of the leading manufacturers in the industry and simplified construction solutions result in longer life-span and lower wear-out cost of the machinery.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Maintenance and spare part cost for FlexBlow series machines are among the lowest in the European market. Expenses saved throughout the lifespan of the machinery contribute to the profitability of our customers.

Higher Efficiency

Automatic air recovery system TER® saves compressor energy. High pressure air is accumulated and returned to the low pressure system. Smaller compressors are needed, therefore.

In case the filling line stops, the FlexBlow machine switches to a stand-by mode until the PET bottle supply is needed again. Lower energy consumption results.


Additional FlexBlow blow moulders can be added to the bottling line in case a bigger output is needed. FlexBlow Multi solution optimizes the return on investment.

Our Technological Advantages

Quick Mould Change

Quick Mould Change

For Narrow Neck Bottles

Narrow Neck Change

For Wide Mouth Jars

Wide Neck Change

Easy to Access

Ease of Access

Preventive visits


Standard Components

Standard Components

Neck Protection From Overheating

Overheating protection

User Friendly Remote Control

User Friendly Control
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